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Torrential rainfall hit Henan a few days ago and has inflicted heavy casualties and property losses. In the rainfall, Zhengzhou and Xinxiang were suffered a devastating blow.  Their recovery after the rainfall struck a chord in the hearts of people across the country. Citizen: promote the "one in trouble, assistance comes from" the traditional ...
December 7, 2006, from Qilu good news came, the KDON-7500/7500 air separation plant designed, manufactured, matched, installed and debugged by our com
Jul 09, 2007
Recently, the book "employees and boss" has been widely read among employees of DEAR kongfen Industrial Co., Ltd. "Employee and boss", with the conce
Jul 09, 2007
1 The method of air separation The methods of air separation can be divided into two types: low temperature and non-low temperature, among which the
Jul 09, 2007
On the morning of January 28, 2007, "the annual Supplier Appreciation Meeting of 2006" was grandly held in kangxinyuan hotel. Leaders
Jul 09, 2007
On February 14, "The Welcome to the New Year in 2007 and the Commendation Conference" was grandly held in Lihong hotel! He Baotang, the chairman an
Jul 09, 2007
On April 11, the project of our company in Jitai air separation plant was formally released oxygen. After several days' assessment, the production and
Jul 08, 2007
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