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Intelligent bearer, intelligent operation and maintenance

In order to enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, shape the outstanding technological enterprise, build a high-quality, energy-saving air separation equipment company brand, and build an advanced operation and management model, DEAR starts its intelligent manufacture promotion in 2019. With 3-5 years effort, DEAR will accomplish an intelligent air separation intelligent and flexible production, as well as a modern intelligent air separation demonstration enterprise with a trinity of intelligent management operations, remote remote equipment monitoring, operation and maintenance.

Intelligent bearer, intelligent operation and maintenance
Phase I
Phase I
The goal is to build an intelligent aluminum alloy air separation equipment production line with a high degree of automation, bus control and MES production management system; adding intelligent technologies such as lasers and vision to key process and quality nodes, and establishing DEAR’s unique process database to assist AI The algorithm optimizes production and implements intelligent automatic control through the MES bus to achieve the goals of production automation and product traceability. It develops intelligent decision-making systems to achieve systematic informationization and intelligent decision-making in enterprise operations, management, and production.
Phase II
Phase II
The goal is to solve the heavy and difficult processes of non-ferrous product parts, such as automatic assembly, automatic filling, and automatic processing of special-shaped parts, to realize the full-line automatic and intelligent production of non-ferrous metal air separation equipment, and to replicate the first and second phase technology to ferrous metal products,complete the intelligent transformation of the entire product line of DEAR air separation.
Phase III
Phase III
The goal is to use advanced sensor technology, artificial intelligence and big data technology to create operation and maintenance control software with independent intellectual property rights to achieve the goal of remote operation and maintenance and intelligent control of equipment; upgrade the existing scientific research-production system to achieve three-dimensional design, a new information-based scientific research-production system for digital assembly, simulation, and data sharing.
Continuously creating value for customers is our pursuit
Improved operations and faster delivery cycles
Improved operations and faster
delivery cycles
DEAR has established a lean manufacturing cultural environment for all employees, allowing employees at all levels of the factory to improve their management capabilities and ensure that product quality is close to zero defects.
Intelligent management to reduce operating costs
Intelligent management to reduce
operating costs
Through intelligent workshops, we can improve product quality and staff quality, reduce labor costs and maintenance costs, ensure safe production, connect all produ-ction links and production personnel, and form a complete production system.
Operation and maintenance management to improve efficiency
Operation and maintenance management to improve efficiency
Intelligent system management will greatly improve the efficiency of the equipment, keep the customer's equipment in the best operating conditions for a long time, and extend the service life of the equipment.
Technology drives the development of enterprises and continuously
improves global competitiveness.
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