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Creating excess value for customers

Our values ​​and principles express our claims and distinguish us from our competitors. These are perfectly integrated with the company’s organization, and no matter where we are or what we care about, our values ​​and principles are reflected in them.

Creating excess value for customers
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Realistic, innovative, united and efficient

  • Business Philosophy
    Business Philosophy

    Creating excess value for customers

  • Service Philosophy
    Service Philosophy

    DEAR Air Separation,Assured to Use

  • Manufacturing Philosophy
    Manufacturing Philosophy

    Quality is our pride

  • Management Concept
    Management Concept

    Communication, harmony; happy work, happy life

  • Technology Concept
    Technology Concept

    Safe, reliable, advanced and intelligent

  • Success Concept
    Success Concept

    Step by step through your own efforts

  • Talent Strategy
    Talent Strategy

    Talent drives innovation and development

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