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Constant research and breakthrough

Combining its own advantages, DEAR established the Air Separation Engineering Technology Research and Design Institute. The center brings together many experts and elites in the air separation industry to provide a platform for technology innovation, project research and development, and results sharing in the air separation industry.

Air separation engineering technology research institute
Air separation engineering technology research institute
Air separation engineering design and research institute
Air separation engineering research and design institute

DEAR researchs on the core technology and related auxiliary technologies of energy-saving air separation equipment has made major breakthroughs, and has won a number of patented technologies in this field: new main condensation evaporator, self-cleaning filter, energy-saving oxygen generator, energy-saving Air separation nitrogen water pre-cooling system, a cooling water tower, a high-efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger, an ultra-low pressure air separation device, and a two-stage fractionation column with a liquid lift lifting function for a low pressure air separation device.

patented technologies
patented technologies
patented technologies
patented technologies
Has undertaken three scientific research topics:

"Research on the Construction and Application of Workflow-based PLM Platform in Air Separation Manufacturing"

"Research on the Automatic Selection and Parametric Design System of Air Separation Equipment Based on Database"

"Research on Argon Recovery, Crude Argon Purification Equipment"

Research projects:

"Study on Improving Argon Extraction Rate in Air Separation Equipment"

"Development of Energy-Saving Technology for Lubricants Used in Air Separation Equipment"

"Research on Energy-Saving Technology for Reducing Fluid Resistance in Air Separation Equipment"

"Development of Remote Monitoring Information for Air Separation Equipment Internet Technology”

"Research and development of energy-saving technology for large-scale electrical equipment”

"Research on Unmanned Operation Technology of Air Separation Oxygen Plant”

"Research on Energy Saving Technology of Liquid Air Separation Equipment”

"Research on Extraction of Noble Gases (Helium, Neon, Krypton, Xenon) in Air Separation Plant”

"Research on Hydrogen Production and Liquefaction"

Research cooperation institutions
Tianjin University
The Gas Professionals
Asia Silicon
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