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Our Location

Our Location

The superiority of the location is irreplaceable

DEAR air separation Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Kaifeng Henan, Chinese ancient capital of eight dynasties. Its geographical location is not only a famous historical tourist center, but also a gathering place for Chinese air separation plant industry. DEAR Industrial Park is located near the logistics center of Zhengzhou International Airport and connected to the national level. The location is superior for the high-speed railway and geographical environment, all kinds of transportation are very convenient. Thanks to location, DEAR air separation is leading the international market. The importance of location is self-evident. DEAR air separation will make good use of the convenience location and serve customers better.

DEAR’s location is great. Your visit and appointment are welcomed.

The well-designed inspection itinerary helps you better understand our air separation equipment production, manufacturing, and intelligent management systems. The location and transportation are very convenient and will definitely meet your needs. If you need to visit, we will plan the route according to your current location, or you can browse the scenery by the location of DEAR.

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