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Quality Management

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Production line outages due to faulty parts in production can cause extremely high costs for manufacturers. Effective and efficient quality assurance plays a decisive role in preventing such situations. We proactively avoid defective products by optimizing the pre-production process.

Quality Management Process

From the signing of the contract, the design of the air separation equipment, the procurement of raw materials, the production organization, the process, the measurement and inspection, the storage and sales to the after-sales service, effective working documents were formulated and strictly controlled to achieve full coverage of the air separation equipment quality system.

Quality Management Process
  • The signing of the contract
  • The design of the air separation equipment
  • The procurement of raw materials
  • The production organization
  • The process
  • The measurement and inspection
  • The storage and sales to the after-sales service
Quality Management Methods
Inspection plan management

Inspection plan management is an important part of quality management. Here, inspection standards for DEAR's entire quality-related activities are defined, combined with control plans to ensure product and process quality.

Nonconformity management
Quality inspection and statistical process control

All relevant inspections performed during the manufacturing process of any product are recorded in the statistical process control inspection module.

Inspection plan management
Nonconformity management

Nonconformity management can identify and record quality events from any source of production and classify events using standard risk criteria. DEAR conducts the necessary investigations and executes disposal decisions.

Quality inspection and statistical process control
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