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DEAR provides you with safe and professional air separation plant solutions
Metallurgical industry
Air separation plant is an essential part of the metallurgical industry. The metallurgical industry's requirements for oxygen pressure are usually between 2.0 MPa and 3.0 MPa, and are usually higher than "30,000".
Chemical industry
In the chemical industry, the demand for air separation plant is stable. The high demand and demand for air separation plant in the modern coal chemical industry may drive the demand for large and extra large air separation plant.
Fertilizer industry
In the fertilizer industry, air separation plant is mainly used to produce nitrogen fertilizer. The main raw material of chemical fertilizer is synthetic ammonia, so air separation plant is essential in air filtration equipment.
Oil industry
Air separation plant gases used in the petrochemical industry include oxygen and nitrogen. Major applications include the use of natural gas or heavy oil to produce synthetic ammonia, olefins, and petrochemicals, as well as to provide nitrogen for petroleum extraction.
Non-ferrous industry
With the impact and reform of the overall environment of the non-ferrous metal industry, the problems faced by the industry are becoming more and more serious, and the control of the production capacity of air separation plant is particularly important. DEAR air separation is familiar with the problems faced by customers in the non-ferrous metal industry and provides customers with high-quality air separation products.
DEAR has successfully designed optimized solutions for 10,000 companies worldwide
Quality management and technology ensure high quality of air separation plant
Intelligent workshop
Intelligent workshop
Intelligent workshop

Relying on automated production technology to build intelligent upgrades of enterprises to help customers achieve rapid growth.

Quality management system
Quality management system
Quality management system

Effective and efficient quality assurance plays a decisive role in prevention

Remote device monitoring
Remote device monitoring
Remote device monitoring

Technology + management is the change that DEAR established to the industry model

Research center
Research center
Research center

DEAR provides a platform for technological innovation and results sharing in the air separation industry.

Best for your service
DEAR provides worry-free service like a butler to provide timely support to the valued customers. No matter where you are from, no matter what you need, DEAR is very happy to help you.
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