Energy saving and consumption reducing to enhance enterprise benefit

Promote energy saving of air separation plant and inject new vitality into the industry

Air separation equipment is widely used in many fields, such as petrochemical, glass, rubber, construction, carbon fiber and other industries. Most of the energy consumed in the whole process of air separation is consumed by air compressor. If the discharge pressure of air compressor can be reduced, the energy consumption of air separation equipment can be reduced, the environment can be protected, considerable operating costs can be saved for enterprises, and the benign development of the industry can be realized.

DEAR air separation triple hard core strength

Ultra low pressure discharge
energy saving patent

The company has 58 patents, two of which belong to domestic leading level, which can reduce energy consumption of air separation equipment by 5% - 15%, and save operation cost.

The first intelligent workshop
of air separation in China

DEAR air separation invested 30 million to build an intelligent production workshop to ensure product quality close to zero defect, improve the accuracy of air separation equipment and shorten the scheduled period.

AI remote intelligent monitoring system

Technological innovation + management innovation initiated the reform of air separation industry mode, and developed remote intelligent monitoring system with the help of Internet technology. Realize remote control, automatic data acquisition and analysis functions, and achieve early detection and early warning of equipment failure.

Five innovation systems escort

Innovation is the driving force for the continuous development of enterprises

Application cases

Case study of cooperation between DEAR air separation plant and MINYUAN Special Steel

Project introduction

DEAR air separation industry supplied KDON (AR) - 11000 / 20000 / 300 air separation complete sets of equipment for Henan Minyuan Special Steel Co., Ltd. in December 2017, it was successfully started and put into production, providing qualified products for users. After several years of operation, the equipment is running stably, and all indexes are higher or better than the contract value.

  • 4%
    The extraction rate was improved
  • 15%
    Reduced energy consumption
  • 100%
    Trouble free operation throughout the year
performance parameter

According to the site conditions specified by the user, the air separation unit can simultaneously produce several products with the following quantity and quality. The product summary table is as follows:

Energy consumption comparison

There is no 11000 air separation unit in the national standard. The air separation data calculated by interpolation method are listed in the table
Note: the energy consumption of the tested air compressor is 3.29% higher than the design value.

The energy consumption of KDON (AR) - 11000 / 20000 / 300 air separation complete set equipment supplied by Kaifeng DEAR air separation industry Co., Ltd. to Henan Minyuan Special Steel Co., Ltd. is obviously lower than the corresponding national standards. It belongs to energy-saving air separation and is at the domestic leading level.

cooperative partner

We put quality management into the product
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