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Location of large air separation unit vessels

Location of large air separation unit vessels
The designers arranged most of the pipelines that can shrink synchronously along the tower when they made the overall vessel relative position deployment, setting the relative displacement of the brackets and pipelines on the tower sticker plate to minimize the pressure release at one time.
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Aug 19, 2021
On August 6th, Kaifeng Dear Air Separation Industry Co., Ltd. cooperated with Qinghai Asia Silicon Semiconductor Co., Ltd. for the third time and sign
Jul 30, 2021
Torrential rainfall hit Henan a few days ago and has inflicted heavy casualties and property losses. In the rainfall, Zhengzhou and Xinxiang were suff
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Non-ferrous industry small air separation plant 3000/300 Y-type solution
The application of air separation equipment in the non-ferrous industry has laid a solid foundation for the non-ferrous industry. With the rapid development of the industry and the production needs of the enterprises, the small air separation plant 3000/300Y project cooperated with customers by DEAR Air Separation has won unanimous praise from customers.
Small air separation plant 3000 solution in petroleum industry
The problems of raw material pre-treatment of petroleum, delayed coking unit and wax oil relief hydrocracking unit, and the deep processing and comprehensive utilization of naphtha, which are faced by the petroleum industry, the 3000 type small air separation equipment project cooperated with clients this time has improved the comprehensive economic benefits of the products and the level of clean and green production.
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(1) In the box combination installation, the combined part of the clean air chamber should pay attention to. (2)the use of welding form, must be the net air chamber around the welding of the sealing welding (i.e. full welding), do not allow intermittent welding. (2)If the combination of gasket in the middle of the chamber is used, the bolts and nuts of the combination should be tightened. and can be sealed by injecting glass glue at the seam of the splice. (3) When installing the large a...
Mar 30, 2022
Water evaporation, wind-blown losses and other situations occurring in industrial circulating cooling water system operation, resulting in the continuous concentration of circulating water, then the salts contained therein exceed the standard, anions and cations increase, PH value changes significantly, resulting in the deterioration of water quality. The temperature of the circulating water rises and the PH value and nutrients increase, which is conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms. ...
Mar 30, 2022
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