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Blowdown of air separation equipment

Blowdown of air separation equipment
After the air separation equipment has been purged, the welding slag, aluminium chips, dust and impurities remaining in the pipes and vessels are purged out to ensure the cleanliness of the interior of the equipment.
News of Blowdown of air separation equipment
Sep 11, 2020
On September 7, it was reported that in order to prevent and control environmental pollution by solid waste, protect public health, maintain ecologica
Sep 04, 2020
On the morning of Sep 4, Shunhe Hui Nationality District invited more than 30 citizens' representatives to form an investigation group and went to Kai
Solutions of Blowdown of air separation equipment
Non-ferrous industry small air separation plant 3000/300 Y-type solution
The application of air separation equipment in the non-ferrous industry has laid a solid foundation for the non-ferrous industry. With the rapid development of the industry and the production needs of the enterprises, the small air separation plant 3000/300Y project cooperated with customers by DEAR Air Separation has won unanimous praise from customers.
1500-type solution for small air separation plant in petroleum industry
The main applications of the air separation plant in petroleum industry include the use of natural gas or heavy oil to produce synthetic ammonia, olefin and petrochemical products, as well as providing nitrogen for oil extraction. The implementation of 1500 small air separation plant project cooperated with clients by DEAR air separation plant is beneficial to the improvement of crude oil processing scale in Shengli oilfiel
Faq of Blowdown of air separation equipment
The arrangement and distribution of multi-stream heat exchanger channel directly affect the heat transfer effect, and also the key to the design and manufacture of multi-stream heat exchanger and difficult point. All designs should follow certain principles and should not be designed at random. The general principles are: the same wall of the heat exchanger on both sides of the temperature as close as possible; the same flu...
Dec 03, 2021
Nitrogen is a colourless, odourless, non-toxic and non-flammable gas at room temperature and atmospheric pressure, which is chemically stable and hardly reacts with other substances. Nitrogen is often used as a protective gas in a wide range of industries. There are several main methods of producing nitrogen. One of these is molecular sieve nitrogen in air (variable pressure adsorption), which is ...
Dec 03, 2021
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