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Air separation unit installation specification

Air separation unit installation specification
The air separation unit installation specification requires the staff to have strong operation ability, control judgment ability and communication ability. Air separation unit installation specifications should be in strict accordance with the regulations, in line with the industry standards, do not waste resources, environmental pollution. DEAR air separation has a professional air separation unit installation and construction team to ensure the smooth installation of each project.
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Aug 28, 2020
On August 27, Kaifeng DEAR air separation Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaifeng DEAR air separation) and Kaifeng Mobile jointly hel
Aug 26, 2020
On August 24, it was reported that Kaifeng DEAR air separation Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DEAR air separation) and Hanyuan Bilif
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Large air separation plant KDON (Ar)-18000/36000-600 solution for chemical industry
Chemical industry has the characteristics of large scale, long industrial chain and so on. It is the basic industry and an important part of Chinese national economy. In recent years, environmental protection has been paid more and more attention, and the green development of chemical industry is also very important. In addition, the chemical industry in the industrial integration, scientific and technological innovation is also in constant efforts to advance. DEAR air separation helps the chemical industry to transform and upgrade to be environmental-friendly. DEAR’s large-scale air separation plant KDON (Ar) - 18000 / 36000-600 can use ultra-low pressure discharge energy-saving air separation technology patent, which can reduce the energy consumption of equipment operation by 5% - 15% and save a lot of production costs.
Large air separation plant KDON-20000/20000 solution for metallurgical industry
DEAR air separation has cooperated with customers in metallurgical industry domestic and abroad in many projects, and has rich project experience. DEAR has continuously invested in the research and development of large-scale air separation plant. In view of metallurgical industry, DEAR combined with the characteristic of this industry, develops high-efficiency energy-saving air separation plant, to meet the needs of large and medium customers. DEAR air separation uses the rapid development of internet technology to establish a remote monitoring system to collect real-time operation data of each air separation plant, and provides the best suggestions for users by using big data analysis.
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During the start-up phase, when the liquid volume accumulates in the condensing evaporator, the gas and liquid mixture will pass through the liquid air and liquid nitrogen throttle valves. When the throttle valve begins to close, due to the large opening of the valve, when the amount of gas and liquid mixture from the lower column to the upper column changes little, and the pressure of the lower column does not increase significantly, it means that the temperature difference of the condensing evaporator has not increased. At this time, the condensing evaporator and the surrounding insulation have been cooled to the low temperature required by the liquid accumulation stage. Due to a large amount of cold production and a large amount of gas liquefaction, the liquid evaporation in the condensing evaporator is also increased. The rising steam produced prevents the flow of liquid from the sieve plate hole, and gradually accumulates liquid on the tray, so the liquid level will drop. In ad
Nov 13, 2020
The purified air enters the fractionator and exchanges heat with the returned polluted nitrogen, oxygen and nitrogen through the main heat exchanger. After cooling, a small part of it is liquefied, and the gas-liquid mixed air is throttled to the pressure of 0.55 MPa. After distillation, 99.999% pure nitrogen is obtained at the top of the lower column, and then it enters the main cooling column, and is condensed into liquid nitrogen by evaporation of liquid oxygen in the upper column. A part of liquid nitrogen is returned to the lower column as reflux liquid, and the remaining liquid nitrogen is throttled after cooling. Enter the sprayer at the top of the upper column. The bottom residue is liquid air containing 38% oxygen. After passing through the liquid air subcooler, it enters the middle of the upper column to participate in distillation. At the same time, the polluted liquid nitrogen flow is drawn out from the middle of the lower column and then enters the upper column as reflux l
Oct 30, 2020
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