Energy-saving Renovation Of Air Separation Plant + Intelligent Operation And Maintenance
DEAR precise intelligent manufacturing, air separation plant worry-free operation
Signal For Air Separation Plant To Be Modified
Backward technology of air separation plant and hiddern dangers
The technology of the original air separation plant is backward, and it can’t monitor the technical parameters of the equipment in real time. It can only rely on manual inspection and measurement with errors and poor timeliness, and the safety status of the equipment is not guaranteed.
The equipment does not meet the current production demand
With the continuous expansion of business, the demand for gas products is increasing. The air separation plant has been purchased for a long time, which has been unable to meet the needs of actual production. Because of the high cost and long time of re-customization of air separation plant, it can not meet the urgent needs of production.
Equipment aging, high energy consumption
The air separation plant has many components, complex process, long service time or improper maintenance will accelerate the equipment aging, resulting in inefficient production of air separation plant, high energy consumption and high operating costs.
Transformation Direction Of Air Separation Plant

Production increasing and reforming


Fully exploit the potential of the original air separation plant to increase the output of oxygen, nitrogen or other gases to meet the new production needs.


Energy saving reconstruction


Operation of air separation plant needs a large amount of power energy consumption, so the effective energy analysis of each process consumption of air separation plant should be used to find a suitable energy-saving scheme.


Intelligent transformation


The "Internet +" technology is applied to the operation and management of air separation plant, and the network hardware and software modules are added to the traditional air separation products to realize remote control.At the same time, various data of the equipment are collected automatically, and timely warning is given to ensure the safety of equipment.

Air Separation Plant Transformation Process
Upgrade renovation + overall operation and maintenance+ service commitment:saving money, time and effort

Understanding of customer needs

Field diagnosis of equipment

Determine the direction of renovation

Sign a renovation contract

Meet acceptance criteria

Construction personnel approach

Intelligent, energy saving accessories preparation

Tailor-made renovation plan

After the training

Overall operation and maintenance services

Regular visit, maintenance

The Benefits Of Choosing Us: Overall Operation And Maintenance

Rich industry experience

DEAR air separation has 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of air separation plant and nearly 10 years of experience in the operation and maintenance of air separation plant, and has accumulated a mature and perfect overall operation and maintenance standard process of air separation plant.

Intelligent production workshop

DEAR intelligent production workshop can improve the quality of production, reduce costs, shorten customer reservation cycle, and at the same time, it can ensure the quality of products close to zero defects, stable performance and long service life.

Energy-saving technology patent

A number of ultra-low pressure discharge energy-saving technology patents have been applied in mature projects, which can reduce energy consumption by 5%-15% compared with traditional air separation plant and save operating costs.

AI remote intelligent monitoring system

The remote intelligent monitoring system independently developed by DEAR air separation makes the whole process of intelligent management between the equipment site and the remote monitoring terminal, and saves the labor cost of on-site operators while finding and warning faults early.Technology assists the efficient operation of equipment to helps customers to operate and maintain the whole project.

Multiple Modes Of Cooperation
Variety of cooperation modes and content can be chosen flexibly according to the needs of enterprises, details can be got by call or online message

Increase production, save energy and improve intelligence

According to the actual situation of air separation plant, the air separation plant transformation scheme is customized. Professional air separation plant transformation team is achieving customers’ satisfactory transformation effect.

Renovation partner

Our company will invest in the renovation of air separation plant and provide the overall project hosting, operation and maintenance services, so as to reduce the investment and renovation risks of customers, and cooperate with customers for mutual benefit.

The overall operation and maintenance

Air separation plant overall operation and maintenance services, professional people do professional things, save the overall operating costs, so that customers can be more relieved create greater value.

Cooperative Partner
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