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According to the news on December 21, DEAR air separation launched a “Welcome the Winter Solstice and dumpling making together” activity to celebrate the arrival of this beautiful festival. All the staff came together to enjoy the new dumpling making activity in DEAR air separation restaurant. You cut vegetables, I mix stuffing; you knead dough, I roll dumpling skin; everyone immersed in the festive atmosphere, very lively and joy. According to the Chinese astronomical almanac, the " Winter Solstice" begins at 18:02 today, marking the arrival of "the nine periods (of nine days each) following the Winter Solstice" in China. The Winter Solstice is commonly known as "Shu Jiu", "Dong Jie", "Chang Zhi Jie" and "Ya Sui", etc. It has been said that the Winter Solstice is as important as the New Year. People have always attached great importance to it. When it comes to the Winter Solstice, are the steaming "dumpling" and "glue pudding" in your mind? In our north, the most representati
Intelligent manufacturing promotes the development of DEAR air separation
Recently, Wang Xiangxuan, Deputy Secretary General of the municipal government, was entrusted by the main leaders of the city to visit and inspect Zhe
May 08, 2020
Yan Hongxin, director of the Municipal People's Congress, inspected the intelligent manufacturing work at DEAR Air Separation
On April 25, Yan Hongxin, director of Kaifeng Municipal People's Congress, and his party visited DEAR Air Separation to inspect the intelligent manufa
May 06, 2020
DEAR air separation supplies KDONAr-13000 / 22000 / 350 air separation equipment for Meihua group successfully starts up at one time
On April 20, it was reported that DEAR air separation provided Jilin Meihua amino acid Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Meihua group) with the si
May 01, 2020
Chen Guangxi, Secretary of Shunhe hui District, came to DEAR air separation to console the provincial model worker provincial Zhao Wenfu
On April 28, it was reported that on the occasion of May 1st, the International Labor Day, Chen Guangxi, Secretary of Shunhe hui District, and his par
Apr 30, 2020
Focus on customers and further improve refined management
On April 7, it was reported that DEAR air separation held a meeting with the theme of "improving refined management".
Apr 10, 2020
DEAR leads the construction of intelligent production in air separation industry
Recently, it is reported that the first phase of our company aims to build an intelligent aluminum alloy air separation equipment production line with
Apr 03, 2020
Warmly welcome Bai Haifu, deputy secretary of Shunhe Huizu District Committee and governor of Kaifeng City  Visit our company for research
On March 24, Bai Haifu, Deputy Secretary of Shunhe District Committee, governor of Shunhe District, Hu Qinghong, deputy governor of Shunhe District, l
Mar 27, 2020
DEAR air separation held a special meeting on safety production training
On March 20, DEAR air separation industry Co., Ltd. held a special meeting on safety production training.
Mar 26, 2020
DEAR air separation 2020 Spring Festival Annual Review Meeting was successfully held in Qingming Shanghe Garden, Kaifeng
The busy 2019 has passed, and the full-looking 2020 is coming to us. DEAR Air Separation's first annual evaluation meeting in 2019 and the welcoming m
Jan 23, 2020
DEAR air separation has successfully signed the export supply contract of Egypt KDON-1500Y/1600Y type whole liquid air separation plant
On December 22, 2019, DEAR air separation successfully signed a set of supply contract for KDON-1500y / 1600y full liquid air separation unit exported
Jan 20, 2020
DEAR air separation joyfully celebrates the Winter Solstice
The Winter Solstice, also known as "Winter Festival" and "He Dong", is one of the 24 solar terms in China and one of the eight solar terms of astronom
Dec 20, 2019
Congratulations to Yang Nan, the design and research institute of DEAR air separation, who won the fifth prize of provincial level in Henan Chess Championship in 2019
On November 2, it was reported that the "medical beauty Cup" of Qin Jian Fu Mei Hospital held in the financial business hotel of Hua county, Henan pro
Nov 05, 2019
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