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Torrential rainfall hit Henan a few days ago and has inflicted heavy casualties and property losses. In the rainfall, Zhengzhou and Xinxiang were suffered a devastating blow.  Their recovery after the rainfall struck a chord in the hearts of people across the country. Citizen: promote the "one in trouble, assistance comes from" the traditional ...
According to the information from the Science and Technology Bureau on September 23, Lu Hongtai, the chief engineer of DEAR air separation, was succes
Sep 24, 2019
There was a mountaineering team climbing a dangerous peak. It rained heavily when it was halfway up the mountain. The Mountain Path soon became muddy
Sep 20, 2019
On September 16, it was reported that DEAR air separation. (hereinafter referred to as DEAR) and Henan Chaowei group Perpetual Renewable Resources Co.
Sep 17, 2019
There is a Peruvian immigrant in Tennessee of America who owns 6 hectares of mountain forest in his residence.When America started the Gold Rush in th
Sep 02, 2019
On August 26, it was reported that DEAR air separation (hereinafter referred to as DEAR) and plum blossom group Jilin plum blossom amino acid Co., Ltd
Aug 26, 2019
Since the release of the film Harry Potter, no matter adults or children, almost everyone knows and knows everything in the streets and alleys.Then th
Aug 20, 2019
It was reported on August 6 that our company provided the third argon transformation project KDON (Ar)-16000/35000-500 air separation plant for Anfeng
Aug 08, 2019
The first one to challenge Mount Qomolangma was the British man maloriy, who had climbed Mount Qomolangma for three times since 1921 all ended in fail
Aug 05, 2019
Ozawa is a world famous music conductor. Many famous opera houses have invited him to join Zhibang for many times.Once, he went to Europe to participa
Jul 29, 2019
One night, the famous physicist Maxwell walked into his laboratory and saw a graduate student still working hard in front of the experiment table. He
Jul 19, 2019
There is a math test in class. Before the paper was published, the teacher said, "100 multiple-choice questions, please read all the questions ca
Jul 01, 2019
The United States a farmer son to learn Latin, boy learned after a time, think that thing really boring, hate toothy. Therefore, boy said to my father
Jun 21, 2019
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