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What is an air separation unit or plant

What is an air separation unit or plant
What is an air separation unit? For people who don't know the industry well, people may have such questions. Simply speaking, air separation unit is to separate all kinds of gases mixed in the air step by step through the unit to obtain high purity oxygen, nitrogen, argon, etc. Air separation unit is widely used, such as steel, petroleum, chemical, medical and other industries, through the air separation unit to obtain high purity gas to meet the production needs.
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Aug 26, 2020
On August 24, it was reported that Kaifeng DEAR air separation Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DEAR air separation) and Hanyuan Bilif
Aug 14, 2020
On the morning of August 12, Zhao Jie, vice chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Committee, Miao Chen, vice chairman of the Municipal Poli
Solutions of What is an air separation unit or plant
Large air separation plant KDON-15000/35000 solution for metallurgical industry
DEAR air separation has cooperated with customers in metallurgical industry domestic and abroad in many projects, and has rich project experience. DEAR has continuously invested in the research and development of large-scale air separation plant. In view of different fields, DEAR combined with the characteristics of these industry, develops high-efficiency energy-saving air separation plant. DEAR air separation uses the rapid development of internet technology to establish a remote monitoring system to collect real-time operation data of each air separation plant, and provides the best suggestions for users by using big data analysis. The KDON-15000 / 35000 large scale air separation plant, cooperated with customers, has achieved rapid, stable and efficient operation, and highly affirmed by customer.
Small air separation plant KDON (Ar)-6500/6500-180 solution for metallurgical industry
Metallurgical industry can be divided into ferrous metallurgical industry and non-ferrous metallurgical industry. Ferrous metallurgy mainly refers to the production of pig iron, steel and ferroalloy (such as ferrochrome, ferromanganese, etc.), and non-ferrous metallurgy refers to the production of all metals except the former. DEAR air separation has provided a number of complete solutions for the metallurgical industry for many years, accumulated rich experience and helped the efficient development of the metallurgical industry. With years of service experience in the metallurgical industry, the small air separation plant KDON (Ar) - 6500 / 6500-180 cooperated by DEAR air separation and customers provides air separation plant with mature technology, stable equipment working condition, excellent performance and energy saving intelligence, which is highly recognized by customers.
Faq of What is an air separation unit or plant
The amount of liquid nitrogen removed from the lower column of the air separation unit will affect the purity of the liquid nitrogen in the lower column and the oxygen enriched liquid air at the bottom of the column. When the liquid nitrogen removal amount of the lower column increases, the reflux liquid participating in the heat and mass exchange of the lower column will be reduced, the temperature rise of the rising steam on the column plate will be correspondingly reduced, the condensation of the rising steam will not be sufficient, the oxygen component will be condensed less, the purity of nitrogen at the column top will be reduced, and the purity of liquid nitrogen will be naturally reduced. At the same time, the temperature rise of the downflow liquid will increase, the liquid evaporation will be more sufficient, more nitrogen components will be evaporated to the top of the column, and the purity of the liquid air at the bottom of the column will be improved accordingly.
Dec 02, 2020
During the start-up phase, when the liquid volume accumulates in the condensing evaporator, the gas and liquid mixture will pass through the liquid air and liquid nitrogen throttle valves. When the throttle valve begins to close, due to the large opening of the valve, when the amount of gas and liquid mixture from the lower column to the upper column changes little, and the pressure of the lower column does not increase significantly, it means that the temperature difference of the condensing evaporator has not increased. At this time, the condensing evaporator and the surrounding insulation have been cooled to the low temperature required by the liquid accumulation stage. Due to a large amount of cold production and a large amount of gas liquefaction, the liquid evaporation in the condensing evaporator is also increased. The rising steam produced prevents the flow of liquid from the sieve plate hole, and gradually accumulates liquid on the tray, so the liquid level will drop. In ad
Nov 13, 2020
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