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Air separation plant industry

Air separation plant industry
Air separation plant industry is closely related to steel, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries, and its development trend is also affected by the needs and policies of these industries. These enterprises have higher and higher requirements on the technology, energy consumption, reliability and delivery cycle of air separation plant, so it is not enough to meet the oxygen demand of enterprises. DEAR air separation is developing from the manufacturer of air separation plant industry to the supplier of gas products. The manufacturing and sales business of gas products is the business extension of air separation plant manufacturing.
News of Air separation plant industry
Sep 30, 2020
On September 24, a delegation from QinZhou Federation of Industry and Commerce of Guangxi province came to DEAR air separation for investigation and i
Sep 11, 2020
On September 7, it was reported that in order to prevent and control environmental pollution by solid waste, protect public health, maintain ecologica
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Solutions of Air separation plant industry
Small air separation plant KDON-10000/10000 solution for metallurgical industry
The metallurgical industry has its unique industry characteristics and high requirements for oxygen purity. DEAR air separation has cooperated with domestic and foreign metallurgical industry customers in many projects, has rich project experience, and has continuously invested funds to develop energy-saving and intelligent air separation plant. KDON-10000/10000 is highly praised by customers for its high efficiency and stable operation.
Large air separation plant KDON-16000/35000 solution for metallurgical industry
Metallurgical industry is an industry to develop metal mineral resources and produce various kinds of raw materials for metal products. With the progress of science and technology, the metallurgical industry has new requirements for the process, process, management and application research and development of air separation plant. The air separation plant also has the following development trends: first, large-scale and cluster; second, the core technology is gradually localization; third, refinement, which needs to develop high-efficiency energy-saving technology for different application fields; fourth, highly automated and intelligent, reduce manual operation as far as possible, and gradually establish a remote monitoring system by using the rapid development of internet technology to collect in real time according to the operation data of air separation plant, using big data analysis to provide the best suggestions for users, etc. KDON (Ar) - 16000 / 35000, a large scale air separat
Faq of Air separation plant industry
The load regulation range of low pressure air separation unit is related to the regulating performance of feed air compressor, the regulating performance of expander and the structural characteristics of distillation column. At present, the flow regulation range of turbine air compressor with inlet guide vane is 75% to 100%, and that of turbocharged expander with adjustable nozzle is 65% to 100%. Next, the most important thing is to adjust the residual of the distillation column. At present, the load regulation range of distillation column with structured packing can reach 50% - 100%, while that of traditional sieve tray column is 70% - 100%. If the load is too low, it will cause liquid leakage because the speed of steam passing through the sieve is too slow. When oxygen is sufficient and the oxygen output needs to be reduced, first reduce the output of oxygen products, then reduce the air flow accordingly, and adjust the expansion air volume according to the main cooling level. The
Nov 13, 2020
In the air separation unit, the function of air cooling column is to reduce the temperature of air compressed by air compressor. Air cooling column is a kind of hybrid heat exchange equipment. In order to increase the heat transfer area, make the cooling water fully contact with the air and mix completely to enhance the heat transfer effect, the air cooling column usually adopts several structural forms such as packed column, sieve plate column or hollow spray column.
Oct 21, 2020
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