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Where is the air separation unit used

Where is the air separation unit used
Where is the air separation unit used? Air separation unit is a key unit widely used in metallurgy, petroleum and petrochemical industries, providing oxygen, nitrogen and argon for the production process. The main technical difficulties of air separation unit lie in system design and calculation, air separation unit processing technology, new air pre cooling system, overall design of cold box, etc. The technology of air separation unit is also in continuous progress, and is developing towards large-scale production and diversified product gas.
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Oct 30, 2020
Recently, it is reported from Kaifeng DEAR air separation Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DEAR air separation) that DEAR air separati
Sep 30, 2020
On September 24, a delegation from QinZhou Federation of Industry and Commerce of Guangxi province came to DEAR air separation for investigation and i
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Small air separation plant KDON-6000 / 3200 solution for circular economy industry
Garbage classification, environmental protection and circular economy have been widely advocated in recent years. At present, Chinese lead-acid battery industry and waste battery recycling industry are undergoing profound changes. The integration of the upstream and downstream industry chain of lead-acid battery industry will become the future development trend. KDON-6000 / 3200, a small air separation plant cooperated by DEAR air separation and its customers, is applied in the circular economy industry to practice the green environmental protection, low consumption and high efficiency. Make a contribution to beautify the environment and realize the transformation of garbage into resources. The high-quality air separation plant provided by DEAR air separation has been praised by customers for making contribution to the rise of circular economy.
2400/1000-type solution for small and medium-sized air separation plant in nonferrous industry
Formulate construction guidelines for non-ferrous metal intelligent mines and factories, and guide the construction of industry intelligent standardization. Reducing production energy efficiency and overall controllable cost, promoting the rapid iteration of production equipment and improving enterprise profits are the problems that need to be solved urgently in current industry. Recently, DEAR air separation cooperated with customers and signed a 2400/1000-type small and medium-sized air separation plant project, which was highly recognized by customers through reasonable scheme design.
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The amount of liquid nitrogen removed from the lower column of the air separation unit will affect the purity of the liquid nitrogen in the lower column and the oxygen enriched liquid air at the bottom of the column. When the liquid nitrogen removal amount of the lower column increases, the reflux liquid participating in the heat and mass exchange of the lower column will be reduced, the temperature rise of the rising steam on the column plate will be correspondingly reduced, the condensation of the rising steam will not be sufficient, the oxygen component will be condensed less, the purity of nitrogen at the column top will be reduced, and the purity of liquid nitrogen will be naturally reduced. At the same time, the temperature rise of the downflow liquid will increase, the liquid evaporation will be more sufficient, more nitrogen components will be evaporated to the top of the column, and the purity of the liquid air at the bottom of the column will be improved accordingly.
Dec 02, 2020
Lean alloy steel is often used in special pressure-bearing equipment. The alloying elements often added include manganese, silicon, chromium, nickel, molybdenum, vanadium, boron and rare earth elements. Most of silicon and manganese melt into ferrite, only a small amount into cementite, which are commonly used strengthening elements in lean alloy steel. The amount of chromium and nickel is generally small, and the main role of chromium and nickel is to increase the undercooling degree of austenite and refine the microstructure. Part of chromium is dissolved in ferrite and some in cementite, which can improve the stability of cementite. Molybdenum is dissolved in ferrite slightly, and has the effect of solid solution strengthening. It is a strong carbide forming element, which can improve the high temperature strength of steel and improve the temper brittleness.
Dec 02, 2020
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