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What kind of unit is available in the air branch factory

What kind of unit is available in the air branch factory
What unit does the air separation plant have? DEAR air separation currently produces large, medium and small air separation unit, high purity oxygen, nitrogen, argon unit, methane purification unit. Mature technology, reliable quality, high cost performance, welcome to leave a message or online consultation.
News of What kind of unit is available in the air branch factory
Sep 04, 2020
On the morning of Sep 4, Shunhe Hui Nationality District invited more than 30 citizens' representatives to form an investigation group and went to Kai
Jul 03, 2020
On July 2, it was reported that according to the Science and Technology Bureau of Shunhe District, Kaifeng City, DEAR air separation won the 2019 year
Solutions of What kind of unit is available in the air branch factory
Small air separation plant KDON-6000 / 3200 solution for circular economy industry
Garbage classification, environmental protection and circular economy have been widely advocated in recent years. At present, Chinese lead-acid battery industry and waste battery recycling industry are undergoing profound changes. The integration of the upstream and downstream industry chain of lead-acid battery industry will become the future development trend. KDON-6000 / 3200, a small air separation plant cooperated by DEAR air separation and its customers, is applied in the circular economy industry to practice the green environmental protection, low consumption and high efficiency. Make a contribution to beautify the environment and realize the transformation of garbage into resources. The high-quality air separation plant provided by DEAR air separation has been praised by customers for making contribution to the rise of circular economy.
Large complete air separation plant KDON(Ar)- 36000/70000-1200 solution for chemical industry
DEAR air separation has provided many sets of air separation plant for chemical industry for many years, with rich experience and the safe and stable unit operation. This unit adopts molecular sieve purification, booster turbine expander to supply the cooling capacity of the unit, and the whole rectification hydrogen-free argon production process. The rapid growth of enterprises in the industry is accompanied by the demand for production and the demand for air separation plant. DEAR air separation has cooperated with customers in the large-scale complete set of air separation plant KDON (AR) - 36000/70000-1200 project, which has meet the capacity demand and safety demand of the enterprise.
Faq of What kind of unit is available in the air branch factory
After the argon fraction is extracted from the top Tower, it enters into the crude argon tower and conducts the separation of oxygen and argon by the rectification method. Generally, the components of crude argon from the top of the crude argon tower are: argon is more than 98%, nitrogen is less than 0.5%, and oxygen is less than 1.5%. Import Crude argon with purity over 98% into molecular sieve adsorber. There are two adsorbers in each group. One is equipped with 5A Molecular sieve to absorb nitrogen in crude argon; the other is equipped with 4A molecular sieve to absorb oxygen in crude argon. In order to release the adsorbents, two groups of adsorbents need to be set up to switch to use. The adsorber works at the temperature of 90 K. The crude argon enters into 5A Molecular sieve adsorber to remove nitrogen first, and then enters into 4A molecular sieve adsorber to remove oxygen. The process is shown in Figure 18. The gas from a group of molecular sieve adsorbers has a purity of 9...
Sep 15, 2022
Temperature difference is the power of heat transfer. As long as there is temperature difference between two materials, they will carry out the heat or cold transfer spontaneously. The heat is always transferred from the fluid with higher temperature to the lower temperature fluid. Although the heat transfer process of various heat exchangers is not identical, the heat transfer law is basically the same. The following is an example of the most widely used dividing wall heat exchanger: heat is transferred from hot fluid to cold fluid through the wall and flows in the opposite direction. The whole heat transfer process is divided into three stages. In the first stage, convection heat transfer: the heat flow body transmits heat to the wall surface. This process not only has heat transfer caused by the relative displacement of each part of the fluid, but also has heat conduction in the fluid, which is the comprehensive function of convection and heat conduction. In the second
Oct 28, 2020
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