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Stress analysis of air separation pipelines

Stress analysis of air separation pipelines
In the field of industrial design, the pipeline design, especially for high temperature and high pressure thermal pipelines, in order to determine that they do not know the safety, reasonable, support hanger design, and the correct force situation analysis of the pipeline.
News of Stress analysis of air separation pipelines
Aug 18, 2021
On 16 August, Kaifeng Dear Air Separation Industry Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Panhua Plate Co., Ltd. cooperated again and signed the contract of KDON (Ar
May 09, 2021
On May 6, the conference of DEAR Air Separation celebrated May 1st International Labor Day and the provincial “May 1st” advanced Model Recognition Con
Solutions of Stress analysis of air separation pipelines
Large air separation plant KDON-16000/35000 solution for metallurgical industry
Metallurgical industry is an industry to develop metal mineral resources and produce various kinds of raw materials for metal products. With the progress of science and technology, the metallurgical industry has new requirements for the process, process, management and application research and development of air separation plant. The air separation plant also has the following development trends: first, large-scale and cluster; second, the core technology is gradually localization; third, refinement, which needs to develop high-efficiency energy-saving technology for different application fields; fourth, highly automated and intelligent, reduce manual operation as far as possible, and gradually establish a remote monitoring system by using the rapid development of internet technology to collect in real time according to the operation data of air separation plant, using big data analysis to provide the best suggestions for users, etc. KDON (Ar) - 16000 / 35000, a large scale air separat
Small air separation plant KDON (Ar)-4000/4000-110 solution for metallurgical industry
Metallurgical industry is an industry that exploits metal mineral resources and produces raw materials of various metal products, which is closely related to the national economy and people's livelihood. At present, Chinese iron and steel industry still has the situation of low concentration, insufficient capacity of high-end products and serious surplus of low-end products. DEAR air separation has provided a number of complete solutions for the metallurgical industry for many years, accumulated rich experience and helped the efficient development of the metallurgical industry. With years of service experience in the metallurgical industry, the small air separation plant KDON (Ar) - 4000 / 4000-110 cooperated by DEAR air separation and customers provides air separation plant with mature technology, stable equipment working condition, excellent performance and energy saving intelligence, which is highly recognized by customers.
Faq of Stress analysis of air separation pipelines
  After refrigeration, of course, liquid air can be used as the cooling source to provide the condenser with cold quantity to organize the deep cooling air separation process. However, it is difficult to choose heating to reboiler. Most of the commonly known substances are solid state and cannot be used as heat carrier under the condition of deep cooling. Of course, electric heating is not available,...
Dec 22, 2021
Centrifugal compressor blade shape has a dollar wheel, binary wheel and ternary wheel. One element wheel has no twist, simple manufacturing, but the blade resistance loss is large, low efficiency, has been eliminated by the current centrifugal compressor used. Binary vanes are non-spatially twisted. Ternary blade surface twist for space twist, ternary surface is also divided into two kinds, space surface of the bus for straig...
Dec 21, 2021
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