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Remote equipment monitoring system

Remote equipment monitoring system
The remote equipment monitoring system developed by DEAR air separation combines internet technology with the particularity of air separation industry to realize real-time monitoring of operation status of air separation plant. The fault can be monitored and forewarned to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. Remote equipment monitoring system is a bold innovation of DEAR air separation Design and Research Institute, which improves the operation and maintenance management efficiency of air separation plant.
News of Remote equipment monitoring system
Sep 11, 2020
On September 7, it was reported that in order to prevent and control environmental pollution by solid waste, protect public health, maintain ecologica
Aug 05, 2020
On August 4, it was reported that in the hot summer, in order to create a cool working environment for the employees and ensure their physical health
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Solutions of Remote equipment monitoring system
Large air separation plant KDON (Ar)-18000/36000-600 solution for chemical industry
Chemical industry has the characteristics of large scale, long industrial chain and so on. It is the basic industry and an important part of Chinese national economy. In recent years, environmental protection has been paid more and more attention, and the green development of chemical industry is also very important. In addition, the chemical industry in the industrial integration, scientific and technological innovation is also in constant efforts to advance. DEAR air separation helps the chemical industry to transform and upgrade to be environmental-friendly. DEAR’s large-scale air separation plant KDON (Ar) - 18000 / 36000-600 can use ultra-low pressure discharge energy-saving air separation technology patent, which can reduce the energy consumption of equipment operation by 5% - 15% and save a lot of production costs.
Large air separation plant KDON-20000/20000 solution for metallurgical industry
DEAR air separation has cooperated with customers in metallurgical industry domestic and abroad in many projects, and has rich project experience. DEAR has continuously invested in the research and development of large-scale air separation plant. In view of metallurgical industry, DEAR combined with the characteristic of this industry, develops high-efficiency energy-saving air separation plant, to meet the needs of large and medium customers. DEAR air separation uses the rapid development of internet technology to establish a remote monitoring system to collect real-time operation data of each air separation plant, and provides the best suggestions for users by using big data analysis.
Faq of Remote equipment monitoring system
The oxygen and nitrogen products produced by the air separation unit in the external compression process are low-pressure oxygen and nitrogen from the upper column, which are sent out of the cold box after being reheated by the heat exchanger. The product gas pressure out of the cold box is generally 0.12MPa. After being compressed to the pressure required by the user by the oxygen compressor, it is sent to the user’s pipeline. The internal compression process of oxygen is that liquid oxygen products are directly extracted from the condensing evaporator, compressed to the user's required pressure by the liquid oxygen pump in the cold box, and then sent to the user's pipeline after reheating and gasification by the heat exchanger.
Oct 14, 2020
When the same pressure is reduced, the temperature drop of throttling is far greater than that of expansion. This is because the gas does not work externally during throttling, but when the molecular spacing increases, the potential energy of molecules increases, and the kinetic energy decreases correspondingly, reflecting the decrease of temperature. The expansion refrigeration not only increases the potential energy between molecules, but also makes external work to push the impeller to rotate or push the piston to move. All these energies need to reduce the kinetic energy of molecules, so the molecular kinetic energy decreases more and the temperature drop is larger.
Oct 02, 2020
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