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Air separation unit maintenance

Air separation unit maintenance
The stability of oxygen supply is required in production, so the maintenance of air separation unit becomes one of the necessary work to ensure the stable operation of production. Air separation unit maintenance includes important single unit, utility unit, electrical unit, instruments, etc. DEAR air separation can provide customers with integrated service of air separation unit maintenance and overhaul, help enterprises eliminate unit hidden dangers in the bud, and ensure long-term stable operation of air separation unit.
News of Air separation unit maintenance
Sep 04, 2020
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Aug 14, 2020
On the morning of August 12, Zhao Jie, vice chairman of the Municipal Political Consultative Committee, Miao Chen, vice chairman of the Municipal Poli
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Solutions of Air separation unit maintenance
Large air separation plant KDON (Ar)-18000/36000-600 solution for chemical industry
Chemical industry has the characteristics of large scale, long industrial chain and so on. It is the basic industry and an important part of Chinese national economy. In recent years, environmental protection has been paid more and more attention, and the green development of chemical industry is also very important. In addition, the chemical industry in the industrial integration, scientific and technological innovation is also in constant efforts to advance. DEAR air separation helps the chemical industry to transform and upgrade to be environmental-friendly. DEAR’s large-scale air separation plant KDON (Ar) - 18000 / 36000-600 can use ultra-low pressure discharge energy-saving air separation technology patent, which can reduce the energy consumption of equipment operation by 5% - 15% and save a lot of production costs.
Large air separation plant KDON-20000/20000 solution for metallurgical industry
DEAR air separation has cooperated with customers in metallurgical industry domestic and abroad in many projects, and has rich project experience. DEAR has continuously invested in the research and development of large-scale air separation plant. In view of metallurgical industry, DEAR combined with the characteristic of this industry, develops high-efficiency energy-saving air separation plant, to meet the needs of large and medium customers. DEAR air separation uses the rapid development of internet technology to establish a remote monitoring system to collect real-time operation data of each air separation plant, and provides the best suggestions for users by using big data analysis.
Faq of Air separation unit maintenance
During the process of storage and transportation, the liquid storage tank should pay attention to: 1) the protective equipment and instrument of the storage tank should be in good condition; 2) during the process of storage and transportation, the storage tank should be well ventilated, and inflammable substances should not be stored around, no fire; 3) the filling rate of the storage tank is less than 95%, and it is forbidden to overfill or overpressure; 4) when there is liquid in the storage tank, it is forbidden to repair it by fire; 5) the equipment pipeline should be heated slowly when thawing, and do not freeze with overheated working medium or open fire; 6) wear protective gloves when contacting low temperature liquid to avoid direct contact between skin and low temperature liquid; 7) the transportation process should be smooth, and there should be no big bumps.
Sep 22, 2022
The correct operation method of air compressor: Air compressor is one of the main mechanical power equipment of many enterprises, so it is very necessary to keep the safe operation of air compressor. Strictly implementing the operation specification of the air compressor not only helps to prolong the service life of the air compressor, but also ensures the safety of the operators of the air compressor. Now let's learn about the operation specification of the air compressor. I. Before operating the air compressor, we should pay attention to the following problems: 1. Keep the lubricating oil in the oil tank within the scale range. Before the operation of the air compressor, check that the amount of oil in the oiling machine should not be lower than the scale value. 2. Check whether the moving parts are flexible, whether the connecting parts are fastened, whether the lubrication system is normal, and whether the motor and electrical control equipment are safe and reliable. 3. Before t...
Sep 21, 2022
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