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Team building for small air separation unit projects

Team building for small air separation unit projects
Organise enriching group building activities, hold thematic team meetings, focus on training for project teams, establish an internal team appraisal system and strengthen the project team leadership team.
News of Team building for small air separation unit projects
Apr 30, 2020
On April 28, it was reported that on the occasion of May 1st, the International Labor Day, Chen Guangxi, Secretary of Shunhe hui District, and his par
Apr 10, 2020
On April 7, it was reported that DEAR air separation held a meeting with the theme of "improving refined management".
Solutions of Team building for small air separation unit projects
Large air separation unit KDON (Ar)-13000/26000-400 solution for new material industry
New material industry is a new field with vitality and development potential in chemical industry. New chemical materials refer to the advanced materials with excellent performance and function emerging or developing in the field of chemical industry. They are knowledge intensive and technology intensive materials with high technology content and high value. In the fine chemical industry, advantageous enterprises are actively building intelligent digital workshops, accelerating the application of intelligent logistics management technology and unit in the production process, and promoting digital control, real-time monitoring of status information and adaptive control. DEAR air separation can provide customers with intelligent air separation unit and overall operation services, help customers develop rapidly in the industry, and constantly improve the construction of intelligent detection and supervision system, so that customers can reach a new level of intelligent management of air s
Large air separation plant KDON (Ar)-18000/36000-600 solution for chemical industry
Chemical industry has the characteristics of large scale, long industrial chain and so on. It is the basic industry and an important part of Chinese national economy. In recent years, environmental protection has been paid more and more attention, and the green development of chemical industry is also very important. In addition, the chemical industry in the industrial integration, scientific and technological innovation is also in constant efforts to advance. DEAR air separation helps the chemical industry to transform and upgrade to be environmental-friendly. DEAR’s large-scale air separation plant KDON (Ar) - 18000 / 36000-600 can use ultra-low pressure discharge energy-saving air separation technology patent, which can reduce the energy consumption of equipment operation by 5% - 15% and save a lot of production costs.
Faq of Team building for small air separation unit projects
  Grid frequency or voltage drop Combined with the compressor machine side voltage meter and electrical system background microcomputer found that during the operation of the compressor grid voltage and frequency are not significantly decreased, the external network power supply system is more stable, so the motor and compressor speed is judged to be a constant value. Increase in suction temperature at any level When the suctio...
Dec 14, 2021
There are several considerations for the maintenance of the oil cooler as follows. 1.The cooling water is purified fresh water. 2.To prevent scaling and improve the heat transfer coefficient, the cooling water temperature should be as low as possible and the water flow rate should be as large as possible. 3.In the cold season, in order to prevent the cooler heat transfer tube from freezing a...
Dec 10, 2021
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