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Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen air separation unit

Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen air separation unit
Air separation unit is a kind of unit which takes air as raw material, turns air into liquid by compression cycle deep freezing method, and then gradually separates and produces inert gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and argon from liquid air after rectification. Air separation unit is widely used in metallurgy, new coal chemical industry, large-scale nitrogen fertilizer, refining and chemical integration, professional gas supply and other fields. The demand for liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen air separation unit is also increasing.
News of Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen air separation unit
Dec 20, 2018
It was reported on December 20 that "Henan air separation engineering technology research center", based on Kaifeng DEAR air separation Industrial Co.
Solutions of Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen air separation unit
Large air separation unit KDON (Ar)-13000/26000-400 solution for new material industry
New material industry is a new field with vitality and development potential in chemical industry. New chemical materials refer to the advanced materials with excellent performance and function emerging or developing in the field of chemical industry. They are knowledge intensive and technology intensive materials with high technology content and high value. In the fine chemical industry, advantageous enterprises are actively building intelligent digital workshops, accelerating the application of intelligent logistics management technology and unit in the production process, and promoting digital control, real-time monitoring of status information and adaptive control. DEAR air separation can provide customers with intelligent air separation unit and overall operation services, help customers develop rapidly in the industry, and constantly improve the construction of intelligent detection and supervision system, so that customers can reach a new level of intelligent management of air s
Faq of Liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen air separation unit
Special pressure-bearing equipment generally bears internal pressure, that will cause tensile stress inside the shell, which is called working stress. The working stress is directly proportional to the pressure and diameter, and inversely proportional to the vessel wall thickness. The axial stress is half of the circumferential stress. Therefore, for cylindrical vessels, the stress of longitudinal weld is twice that of girth weld. Because the geometric shape of the spherical shell is symmetrical to the spherical center, and the axial stress is equal to the circumferential stress in numerical value. Therefore, the wall thickness of the spherical vessel can be reduced by half as much as that of the cylindrical vessel under the same pressure and diameter.
Dec 16, 2020
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