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Kaifeng full liquefied air separation plant products

Complete air separation plant KDON (Ar)-36000/70000-1200

The oxygen purity of this air separation unit is not less than 99.6%. It can adjust the output and purity of nitrogen while meeting the oxygen demand ...

Large air separation plant KDON (Ar)-16000/20000-520

This air separation unit can be equipped with the remote monitoring system developed by DEAR air separation, and network software and hardware modules...

Large air separation equipment energy saving air separation KDON (Ar)-11000/20000-300

This air separation unit is mainly composed of the following subsystems: centrifugal air compressor, air precooling system, purification system, boost...

Small complete air separation plant KDON-3200/3200

This design process of the air separation unit is reasonable and the service life of the supporting unit is long. At the same time, the extraction rat...

High purity nitrogen air separation equipment KDN-1500/100Y

The air-cooler unit assembled by the imported compressor has low power consumption, flexible cooling capacity adjustment and reliable performance. The...

Complete air separation plant KDN-3000/300Y

Adopting the process of reflux collision pressurizing nitrogen, the liquid production is relatively large...

Liquid air separation equipment YPON -2000/2000

DEAR air separation continuously optimizes operation, reduces energy consumption, and ensures safe and efficient operation of air separation unit. Thi...

Air separation equipment accessories, electrical equipment, H type double shaft centrifugal compressor

The compressor produced by our company uses a ternary flow impeller designed by advanced computer software, a high-efficiency blade diffuser, a high-e...

Air separation equipment accessories, electrical equipment, piston nitrogen press

The vertical lubricant-free, piston-type oxygen and nitrogen compressors developed by our company have the characteristics of advanced aerodynamic per...

Air separation equipment accessories electrical equipment piston oxygen compressor

The vertical non-lubricating oil, piston oxygen and nitrogen compressor developed by our company has the features of advanced aerodynamic thermal perf...

Air separation plant spare parts instrument series

Instrument Series accessories products...

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